The Palace Camole

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Amid this happy union, though, King Alfred absorbed the stresses resulting from the executions of his judgments. Chief among these was Donovan, a perpetrator who lit a bomb in his palace and started war in Ireland. King Alfred, benevolent to all nations, must stave off the evil machinations of Donovan and his henchmen if he hopes to protect his family and circumvent the seemingly inevitable bloodshed overseas. Will Alfred's myriad burdens prove too much, or will he rise to the ever-mounting challenges placed at his feet?
Taking place in the golden age of 1838-1840 and set in the coastal plains of North Carolina, The Palace Camole delivers wholesome humor and action-packed sequences from beginning to end. Join King Alfred and his aristocratic family as they seek safe harbor in tempestuous waters, discover hidden jewel rooms in abandoned castle, and witness blossoming romance in their palatial estate.
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