The Patchwork Girl of Oz

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A patchwork doll comes to life, and Dorothy, the Tin Woodsman, and a host of new characters have enchanting adventures in the land of Oz.
After a doll made out of a patchwork quilt is brought to life by a magician, she must find a way to break a spell that has turned two victims into motionless statues. A boy, the Patchwork Girl, and Bungle the glass cat go on a mission to find the ingredients for a charm that will transform the people back to life.
Familiar Oz characters and delightful new creatures join in the whimsical adventures that take place in the magical land of Oz. The Munchkin boy, Ojo, and all the Oz Characters, including a few new ones like the Patchwork Girl and the Glass Cat, join in the search for the magic Powder of Life. Ojo's beloved Unk Nunkie has accidentally been changed into a marble statue and Ojo needs certain things for the potion that will restore Unc Nunkie to life. Looking for the ingredients for the Powder, the travelers, including Princess Dorothy and Toto (of Wizard of Oz fame), The Tin Woodman, Jack Pumpkinhead, The Scarecrow, The Hungry Tiger and the Cowardly Lion search far and wide to help Ojo. Unexpected trials force the group back to Princess Ozma of Oz and the Wizard of Oz who finally get things sorted out.
Table of Contents
Chapter 01: Ojo and Unc Nunkie
Chapter 02: The Crooked Magician
Chapter 03: The Patchwork Girl
Chapter 04: The Glass Cat
Chapter 05: A Terrible Accident
Chapter 06: The Journey
Chapter 07: The Troublesome Phonograph
Chapter 08: The Foolish Owl and the Wise Donkey
Chapter 09: They Meet the Woozy
Chapter 10: Shaggy Man to the Rescue
Chapter 11: A Good Friend
Chapter 12: The Giant Porcupine
Chapter 13: Scraps and the Scarecrow
Chapter 14: Ojo Breaks the Law
Chapter 15: Ozma's Prisoner
Chapter 16: Princess Dorothy
Chapter 17: Ozma and Her Friends
Chapter 18: Ojo is Forgiven
Chapter 19: Trouble with the Tottenhots
Chapter 20: The Captive Yoop
Chapter 21: Hip Hopper the Champion
Chapter 22: The Joking Horners
Chapter 23: Peace is Decl
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