The Perfect Season - Why 1998 Was Baseball's Greatest Year

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Tim McCarver, lead analyst for baseball on the FOX network, is considered the best in his field. His expertise is based on a 21-year playing career; he was star catcher for the Cardinals, Phillies, Expos, and Red Sox. The Perfect Season is his remembrance of 1998, the greatest year baseball has ever seen. McCarver believes, “More than any other sport, baseball is dependent on its history, tradition, and nostalgia …” In the 1998 playing season, baseball history was made in game after game. One by one, old records were surpassed. Baseball superstars and heroes amazed and delighted fans. Beginning with Mark McGwire’s home run record and ending with the Yankee’s World Series victory, McCarver discusses the most significant players and moments of this unforgettable year. The Perfect Season is a wonderful souvenir of baseball’s greatest year. McCarver’s unique perspective—player, broadcaster, writer, and fan—enables him to fill each chapter with crucial details and critical insights. Richard M. Davidson’s narration captures the author’s enthusiasm for America’s favorite pastime.
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