The Perfect Witness

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Barry Siegel is an award-winning reporter for the Los Angeles Times and has been nominated for the Edgar Award. In The Perfect Witness, he uses his talent for crime reporting to craft a gripping tale of deception and murder. When the postmaster of a small California town is slain, the results of the police investigation are perplexing. Although a young woman is found with the murder weapon and $33,000, she accuses Ira, a down-on-his-luck lawyer, of killing the old man. Despite the inconsistencies of her account, she tells it with such utter sincerity that Ira is charged. When Ira’s attorney investigates, however, the evidence points beyond this “perfect witness” to a broader, more deadly conspiracy. By its chilling conclusion, Barry Siegel’s courtroom thriller has questioned the very foundations of justice and truth. Narrator Paul Hecht conveys the lawyers’ tensions and the seductive calm of the strange woman with equal flair.
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