The Phenomenals: A Game of Ghouls

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The Thief, The Seeker, The Rich Girl, The Brute… The Phenomenals are back! An earthquake has rumbled through the twisted city of Degringolade, stopping the town Kronometer and the infamous Phenomenals in their tracks. Legend has it that if the ancient clock stops ticking a terrible event will occur, and there's no denying that the super-mundane entities of the tar-pits are behaving strangely. They know something that the townspeople don't: deep below the city, something has woken up. And it's hungry… F. E. Higgins has been fascinated by the macabre ever since seeing a ghostly apparition as a child. Nowadays F. E. travels the lands that these books describe, collecting strange artefacts and the even stranger secrets and stories behind them.
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