The Power of Five: W.I.T.C.H. Book 1

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When Will moves to Heatherfield, she is thankful when she meets Taranee, another new girl. Together the two make friends with Irma, Cornelia, and Hay Lin. But this friendship is not accidental; the girls are joined together by a stronger force. Their magical transformation is unbelievable-and undeniable. Each has the power to control a natural element-air, water, fire, earth, and the mysterious "Heart of Candracar." They use their powers to guard against evil and to uncover the truth behind mysterious portals leading to other worlds. Between school, family, and a new interest in boys, these girls had enough to worry about! But now they have the secret to turn into a group of friends with special powers . . . destined to fight the evil Prince Phobos in the magic world of Metamoor. W.I.T.C.H. combines fashion and fantasy, magic and middle school, heroism and humor, friendship and family, teamwork and transformation, in a wholesome mix proven to charm tweens everywhere.
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