The Prince and the Pekinese

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The Prince of Cephalonia (an island independent from Greece) visits the Ministry house next door to where Angelina resides with her grandmother. As life is very mundane within the confines of the elderly woman's house, Angelina takes full advantage of glancing at the goings on next door from the locked neighborhood garden where she walks her little Peke TwiTwi. But one day TwiTwi runs after a ginger cat right into the Ministry house and Angelina unexpectedly meets the Prince!! He is enchanted by her, and after one clandestine (but innocent) meeting, Xenos (the Prince) declares his love for her, as she does for him. Unfortunately, Xenos must marry a princess, their love must remain unrequited and they must part. Then a fortuitous and almost deadly event leads to a revelation about Angelina's background that may make marriage a reality!
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