The Promised Dawn

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If I ever see you again, I swear by my own life, I will kill you. You will die by my hand, Dog. Do you hear me? I will kill you, Jacob.'
As the youngest twin, Jacob spent much of his time finding ways to cheat his brother, Esau. When he takes advantage of his father's blindness and steals the patriarchal blessing, he finds himself fleeing from Esau's wrath. Jacob spends the next twenty years in the service of a man who perfected the art of deception, his uncle Laban. At every turn, he finds himself the victim of Laban's twisted schemes, including tricking Jacob into marrying his daughter Leah when he knew it was Rachel Jacob loved. But God uses Laban's manipulations as opportunities to teach Jacob to trust him.
After twenty years, Jacob must return home and face his brother. Before meeting Esau, Jacob must first face his greatest enemy: himself.
Will he be able to overcome the man he has always been? Can he become honorable, or will he remain deceitful? Can he step out of his dark night and into The Promised Dawn?
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