The Reckoning

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Her mom long gone, her father turned zombie, life just didn’t turn out the way teen Dru Anderson thought it might. But then Dru’s not your ordinary girl—a fact made all the more apparent by the discovery that she’s got nonhuman blood coursing through her veins.
Thrust into a school for teens of her particular (supernatural) calling, Dru finds herself surrounded by cute boys. Being the only girl in her class certainly has its advantages, but then, as always, there seems to be a problem. One of the boys is out to get her, and the lady killer in question means quite emphatically to see her dead.
Lili St. Crow staked her place among writers of dark fantasy with the release of Strange Angels, the first book featuring night hunter Dru Anderson. Here teen Dru returns, a little wiser but still beset by supernatural terrors that would have most girls her age running for cover. What else would you expect for someone with nonhuman blood coursing through her veins?
“… grabs readers by the throat, gets hearts beating loudly and never lets go,.”—Kirkus Reviews
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