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America's Main Street
Author - Jimmy Gray
Narrator - Dennis Stone
Time - 61:43:00

For three generations of travelers, Route 66 was the highway that linked America together. It was The Mother Road and there was never another like it. Hear the stories of the tourists, the Okies, the wartime GI's, the people who ran the tourist courts and cafe's... the famous and infamous.

Roadside Marvels
Author - Jimmy Gray
Narrator - Jon Sherberg
Time - 78:59:00

There's history in the Land Of Lincoln, a cave in Missouri, Indian jewelry in New Mexico, a jackalope in Arizona and the Santa Monica Freeway at the end of the road. From Grant Park in Chicago to the Pacific Ocean, Route 66 wound its way through eight states. The old road has seen it all.

Get More Kick Off 66
Author - Jimmy Gray
Narrator - Don King
Time - 61:53:00

In the first days of Route 66, when the road was being built in bits and pieces, there was little time for sight-seeing. As the road improved, so did cars. Now, people were willing to get off the main road and venture down mysterious little side roads leading into strange little villages. Travel off the beaten path, just a few miles from Route 66.

Songs From The Mother Road
Author - Woody Bomar
Artist - The Road Crew
Time - 43:23:00

1. We're going West
2. By The Side Of The Road
3. Chain Of Rocks Park
4. The Motherland, OK
5. Dust
6. Tucumcari Tonite
7. The Railroad Is Coming To Town
8. Running Down The Mother Road
9. The Sun On 66
10. The Old Way
11. That Ol' 66
12. Raining On The Road
13. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
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