The Secret Code of the Superior Investor

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What should your investment strategy be now that the steady, upward trend of the U.S. stock market seems like history? The years ahead promise to be volatile, full of ups and downs, so is this the time for investors to hunker down and scale back?
Not at all, is Jim Glassman's advice. Sure, there were some people who bailed out of the market early and came out ahead, but that was luck—the kind of luck that wins the lottery once in a blue moon: it's not a strategy. And if there is one clear lesson to be learned from all of the recent market drama, it's that you need a point
of view and a coherent investment strategy. And that's just what Glassman provides in The Secret Code of the Superior Investor.
If you believe that the long-term outlook for the American economy is positive (as Glassman and most experts do), then the best strategy is the tried-and-true approach that has worked well for more than a hundred years: acquiring a diversified portfolio of stocks in great companies and then holding on to them forever.
Jim Glassman's investing principles provide the ballast to help you keep your investing balance no matter how the markets bubble or bobble. His rigorous, practical, straightforward way of thinking and taking action enables you to build a portfolio that performs well no matter what the economic climate. Here is invaluable advice on what stocks and mutual funds to buy—and when to sell them. (Hint: Almost never.)
From the Trade Paperback edition.
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