The Secret of the Winthrop House: Crossing

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Three years have passed since the O'Donnell's moved into the Winthrop Estate and encountered their ghostly relatives who showed them the secrets of an heirloom mirror left behind in the home. Two other mirrors had been discovered and safely tucked away; they had hoped that life would return to some normality, only to find other, less welcomed visitors from the past traversing into their home. In the third book of her series, Joanne D. Saunders takes readers on yet another journey involving pirates, treasures, General George Washington and learning how important truth and integrity can be. The Secret of the Winthrop House, The Crossing is filled with laughter and suspense as the O'Donnell's and Winthrop's continue their adventures from past to present. More secrets unfold, hidden treasures revealed, new understanding of the people who helped forge our nation set the pace for this historical thriller. Join Saunders' as the adventures continue in The Crossing.
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