The Shadow Beasts

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On Dulunae, the Planet of Two Moons, a ragged band of teenagers called the Outcasts search for a place of peace known as HayVen. Danger lurks at every step of the journey. Mindless armies of Antibodies relentlessly attack the Outcasts. Chitin - an invulnerable new breed of creature - strikes silently with lethal razor-sharp pincers. Below the scarred face of Dulunae, hideous monsters wrap poisonous tentacles around their victims. A brutal being known only as CH'NOPS sows seeds of destruction. Action reaches a breakneck pace as hordes of Shadow Beasts surround the Font of Knowledge where the Outcasts are hiding. Is the Font the HayVen they seek or an illusive trap? Can the Outcasts overcome their differences in language and culture to save themselves? Join Jax, Marina, Gyro, Lynai'seth and the other Outcasts for non-stop adventure! Find out the mystery as they try to survive the Attack of the Shadow Beasts! Author Gregory Janicke has also created special drawings of the Shadow Beasts characters for the series which are included in the books. Each book in the Shadow Beasts Series offers "Questions for Discussion." These questions are specially designed to stimulate conversation among readers about cultural similarities and differences, the importance of taking responsibility, the value of science and many other interesting topics.
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