The Silva Method for Success and Self-Confidence

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The World's Most Famous Method of Personal Empowerment--Focused on Success! For forty years, the Silva Method™ has earned its reputation for being the most successful method for personal empowerment by helping millions of people achieve greater fulfillment in their lives. In this audio edition, America's top Silva trainer takes you step-bystep through the Silva Method. It's an audio program that will enhance your self-control, self-confidence and personal power so that success becomes natural and easy. o Discover how to operate your brain at the Alpha level- the frequency that signals the optimum level for the absorption of new material o Learn Silva techniques to reduce stress, solve problems, and replace negative habits with positive ones o Free yourself from limiting belief systems and unlock your hidden potential o Program your mind for success and create a winning attitude Whatever your self-improvement goals may be, this audio program of Silva Method instruction and exercises will help you achieve them.
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