The Story of Dr. Dolittle - The Story of Doctor Dolittle, Being the History of His Peculiar Life at Home and Astonishing Adventures in Foreign Parts

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Dr. Dolittle is a people doctor who's love for animals and giving them a home, scares all his human patients away. Dr. Dolittle's parrot decides to teach him how to talk to animals, after learning the secret language, Dr. Dolittle becomes a veterinarian.
Poor Dr. Dolittle always has money problems, but when he learns of a monkey epidemic in Africa, he has to help. In gratitude, Dr. Dolittle is given a rare creature who is part unicorn. But, on the way home, pirates!!!!
Does Dr. Dolittle make it home safely? What happens to his animal friends? This classic story will hold you spellbound to the end.
Table of Contents:
Chapter 01. Puddleby
Chapter 02. Animal Language
Chapter 03. More Money Troubles
Chapter 04. A Message From Africa
Chapter 05. The Great Journey
Chapter 06. Polynesia and the King
Chapter 07. The Bridge of Apes
Chapter 08. The Leader of the Lions
Chapter 09. The Monkeys Council
Chapter 10. The Rarest Animal of All
Chapter 11. The Black Prince
Chapter 12. Medicine and Magic
Chapter 13. Red Sails and Blue Wings
Chapter 14. The Rats Warning
Chapter 15. The Barbary Dragon
Chapter 16. Too-Too, The Listener
Chapter 17. The Ocean Gossips
Chapter 18. Smells
Chapter 19. The Rock
Chapter 20. The Fisherman's Town
Chapter 21. Home Again
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