The Story of the Pony Express - An Account of the Most Remarkable Mail Service Ever in Existence, and Its Place in History

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The Pony Express was a fast mail service which only lasted from April 3, 1860 to October 1861. It was a crucial communication link from the end of the telegraph lines in the east to Sacramento, California.
A series of relay stations were established with fresh horses so the rider could get fresh mounts all along the route. The riders just changed mounts and went as fast as possible...rarely stopping their daredevil rides even to sleep and eat.
It took immense courage and perserverance on the part of the riders and the relay station personnel and took about 10 days through rough terrain, Indian massacres, ambushes, and weather conditions over the Sierra that were brutal, to get a message through.
It was established at a critical time when communication from Washington D.C. and Sacramento helped with the establishment of California as a free state (vs. a slave state) and helped the Union factions strenghten just prior to the Civil War.
Table of Contents
Chapter 01: At A Nation's Crisis
Chapter 02: Inception and Organization of the Pony Express
Chapter 03: The First Trip and Triumph
Chapter 04: Operation, Equipment, and Business
Chapter 05: California and the Secession Menace
Chapter 06: Riders and Famous Rides
Chapter 07: Anecdotes of the Trail and Honor Roll
Chapter 08: Early Overland Mail Routes
Chapter 09: Passing of the Pony Express
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