The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Robert Louis Stevenson's brilliant story is a chilling mystery exploring the complexity of human nature, the combination of good and evil in everyone.
Dr. Henry Jekyll is good man, a hardworking scientist who is causing his friends great worry about his relationship with Edward Hyde, a violent, disagreeable man, who is in constant trouble. An innocent man is murdered, and Mr. Hyde is the only suspect.
How is Mr.Jekyll intimately involved in this death? How this mystery unravels has held fans spellbound for more than 150 years.
Table of Contents
Chapter 01. Story of the Door
Chapter 02. Search for Mr. Hyde
Chapter 03. Dr. Jekyll was Quite at Ease
Chapter 04. The Carew Murder Case
Chapter 05. Incident of the Letter
Chapter 06. Remarkable Incident of Dr. Lanyon
Chapter 07. Incident at the Window
Chapter 08. The Last Night
Chapter 09. Dr. Lanyon's Narrative
Chapter 10. Henry Jekyll's Full Statement of the Case
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