The Submerged City

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Learn the folklore of the Western Europe with French Fairy Tales. Marie Catherine d'Aulnoy is said to be the one who coined the name of the genre, “fairy tale”. However the person, who popularized the genre, was Charles Perrault, whose fairy tales Bluebeard, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Puss in Boots are famous all around the world. French Fairy Tales, full of surrealism and unexplainable actions tell us the stories of kindness, friendship and love. The Submerged City is a story that tells us about a prince called Graldon the Great and his daughter, the princess Dahut. They lived in a city that was surrounded with an immense basin to protect it from the sea invasions. But once, when Dahut and her lover tried to come into the room that controlled the water and the sluice-gate got open... The Submerged City is an interesting and surreal fairytale that is worth your time!
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