The The Role of the Teacher - Malibu 1971 - Dialogue 1

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" The role of the teacher - 26 March 1971
• Q: There is much talk of a spiritual revolution among young people. Do you see in this very mixed phenomenon any hope of a new flowering for civilisation or possibility of growth?
• One can go into oneself at tremendous depths and find out everything. To go into oneself is the problem. Not being able to do it we ask for help.
• If there were no books, no gurus, what would you do?
• Q: You speak against effort, but doesn’t the growth and well-being of all sides
of man demand something like hard work of one sort or another?
• Why is there this cult of effort? Why have I to make effort to reach God,
enlightenment or truth?
• Why do we divide energy at all?
• The observer only comes into being when wanting to change ‘what is’.
• The state of not-knowing is intelligence."
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