The Time Machine and Other Stories

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The Time Machine, perhaps Wells' best known work, tells the story of the first time traveler. In the distant future the human race has evolved into two beings: the gentle Eloi and their dreaded cousins, the Morlocks, masters of the underworld. Ralph Cosham's performance is possibly the best narration ever of this Science Fiction Classic.

Five great stories featuring Wells at his best, delving into fantastic and strange worlds. Included are The Door in the Wall, a haunting classic capturing the pathos of lost youth; Aepyornis Island, the story of a prehistoric bird; The Purple Pileus involves a life-altering fungus,The Truth About Pyecraft, the delightful tale of a man who must wear lead underwear, and The Strange Orchid, which tells of the macabre appetite of an exotic plant.

Herbert George Wells was born on September 21, 1866 in the lower-middle class environs of Bromley, Kent. At the time of his death on August 13, 1946, he had nearly a hundred books to his credit, many of which set new standards for Science Fiction.

Jorge Luis Borges observed, nothing was more satisfying than his "narration of Some Atrocious Miracles."
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