The Torment of Others - A Tony Hill Novel

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Dr. Tony Hill and Detective Chief Inspector Carol Jordan return for the first time since The Last Temptation in A Golden Dagger nominee for 2004 Best Novel of the Year Devastated after the vicious assault she suffered in The Last Temptation, Detective Chief Inspector Carol Jordan has returned to Bradfield to resume her career. But she is surprised to discover that clinical psychologist Dr. Tony Hill has followed her there to take up a post in a high security mental hospital. When she is assigned a case involving the grotesque murder of a prostitute, she turns to him for help. The killing resembles in every detail a series of murders that took place a couple of years before-for which Derek Tyler was tried, convicted and sentenced. Another murder soon follows. The police mount a full investigation and this terrifying scenario presents itself: is it possible the killer is someone on the inside of the investigation?
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