The Tunic Of Nesus The Centaur

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Hercules was the most famous ancient Greek hero. Zeus was his father. There were twelve labors of Hercules in total. Having married Deianira, the daughter of a powerful King of Calydon, Hercules was traveling home with her when he came to the banks of a river and was at a loss how to cross it. Seeing his perplexity, Nessus, one of the Centaurs, offered to take Deianira on his back and carry her over the stream. This offer Hercules gladly accepted. But Nessus obtained possession of Deianira than he made off with her, intending to have her as his own wife. It enraged Hercules and he killed the Centaur with a poisoned arrow. But before death Nessus told Deianira to take his shirt and if someday her husband's love was waning, prevail on him to wear it. What happened next? Read “The Tunic of Nessus the Centaur” to know.
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