The Uglified Ducky

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"Once upon a time there was a little baby moose that blunder away from his baby moosie nest right down to the edge of the pond. And right there by the edge of the pond was a baby ducky nest ..."
And the rest is the stuff of legend-and laughter! Here is storytelling at its most hilarious. Willy Claflin's tales of Maynard Moose and his friends entertain all ages. An excellent choice for family car trips, these whimsical retellings excite young imaginations and delight young and old.
1. The Uglified Ducky (told by Maynard Moose)
2. Ka-ulu the Strong (told by Willy)
3. Little Red Riding Tunes (told by Willy)
4. Socklops: An Alien Tale (told by Willy)
5. The Third Little Piggy (told by Maynard Moose)
6. Little Freddie and His Whistle (told by Maynard Moose)
7. Sugar Is Your Best Friend (told by Rocky Raccoon)
8. My Hat (told by Willy and Gorf the Frog)
9. The Moose and the Cheese (told by Maynard Moose)
10. Turtle and Bunny (told by Maynard Moose)
11. The Ants & The Grasshopper (told by Maynard Moose)
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