The Victory Ladder - How to Move your Mountain with Eight Steps

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Victory Ladder is a must read for all who have mountains in their path and need tools to overcome...Jamie Cantrell brings wit, wisdom and divine revelation to life's problem areas and gives useable tools to bring about victory. Mountain-moving faith may seem difficult to achieve, but Jamie has simplified this topic by introducing steps that are easy to accomplish. Through God's guidance this book will unlock the mysteries of faith leaving the reader climbing a Ladder to Victory.
Marcia New, CEO
Culpepper Publishing & Multimedia Design
Do you feel baffled by the great mystery of faith? Is your mountain blocking you from having a victoriously abundant life? In Victory Ladder: How to Move Your Mountain with Eight Steps, Jamie Cantrell presents a thorough guide to reaching the height of victory. Through inspiring stories, visions, and profound revelations, the author unlocks the mysteries of faith, inspiring the reader to cast their mountains into seas. The challenges contained in this book breathe God's Promise into the reader's life. For anyone who has dreams, goals, and visions that seem out of reach, Victory Ladder will encourage and refresh your spirit.
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