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O. Henry (William Sydney Porter) is a great American writer. His stories are usually humorous with surprising endings. He was born in 1862 in Greensboro. The first wife Athol Estes died early. O. Henry spent several years in prison, where wrote his first story. In 1902 he moves to New-York and started writing for magazines. His first book was "Cabbages and Kings" published in 1904. Also famous O' Henry's storybooks: The Four Million (1906), The Trimmed Lamp (1907), The Voice of the City (1908) etc. The writer had problems with alcohol and suffered from cirrhosis and diabetes. He died in 1910. Original plot, unexpected ending, sarcastic humor - that's what features O. Henry's works. The Vitagraphoscope is a final story from "Cabbages and Kings", inspired by his travelling to Honduras. This is a short note describing different themes. Enjoy reading O. Henry's wonderful prose.
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