The Wind in the Willows

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The magic unfolds from the first lines of Water Rat's soliloquy about messing about in boats in this captivating version of Kenneth Grahame's classic. Although it's generally considered a children's book, get a copy for yourself as well as the child in your life, as you won't want to give this away.

Ralph Cosham's performance is a study in characterization without over-dramatization. His Ratty is breezy and lighthearted, his Mole shy and considerate. His Badger sounds just like that gruff old man you once knew who had a heart of gold. And his Toad-- well, his Toad is perfectly insufferable. Cosham sounds as if he is reading his favorite work of fiction, and his affection is contagious.

Originally from Britain, Ralph Cosham has been in the US for over 30 years. He has had roles in major films and television but spends of most his time with the Shakespeare Theater in Washington, D.C. He has a truly remarkable talent for reading, and has received many awards for his narrations.
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