The Wise Thin King

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Someone must solve the riddle to a 1000 year old Tablet of Wisdom to become the kingdom's new ruler. Many desire to live in the royal castle and sit on the throne, but only one proves to be wise enough.
The profits from The Wise Thin King will go to Kairso10, a non-profit, dedicated to ending the tragic effects of malaria in Ghana.
Malaria is a mosquito-born virus which kills one in three children age five and younger in Ghana. A mosquito net is the solution and only costs Ghanaian 16 GHC or $12 US.
In partnership with Ghanaians, Kairos10 pays native women four times the average daily wage to make jewelry from beads produced from recycled glass and vinyl records, and to sew gift bags out of locally purchased fabrics. With the proceeds, 10,000 mosquito nets have been purchased and delivered to Ghana as of July 01, 2012
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