The Year of the Dog

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It’s the Chinese New Year and Pacy and her family in New York are preparing a delicious dinner in celebration. When Pacy asks about the Year of the Dog, Mom says it’s a lucky year, and will be a good one for making new friends.
Pacy and her two sisters Lissy and Ki-Ki all go to the same school. But they’re the only Asian American students. Then one day Melody arrives. She’s an Asian American too, and they become friends, bonding over their shared love of yummy Chinese food. As the year progresses, Pacy’s luck holds strong as she overcomes the many challenges grade school-aged children face.
Of her charming book that seamlessly blends contemporary American and traditional Chinese cultures, children’s author Grace Lin says “I wrote it because this was the book I wished I had growing up.” Young listeners from any background will find a lot to love about this book.
“Lin does a remarkable job capturing the soul and the spirit of books like those of Hayward or Maud Hart Lovelace, reimagining them through the lens of her own story, and transforming their special qualities into something new for today’s young readers.”—Booklist, starred review
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