The Yellow Mask

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The Yellow Mask, a gothic romance, filled with mystery and suspense, will hold you riveted from beginning to end.
A scheming priest, Father Rocco of Pisa, decides the inheritance and great wealth of Count Fabio D’Ascoli was stolen from the Church many generations ago. Father Rocco's brother is a master-sculptor, Fabio's teacher and the father of the beautiful Maddelena.
To steal Fabio's fortune, the priest manipulates Fabio's true love, the sweet model Nanina, to leave Pisa. Father Rocco then engineers a wedding between Fabio and his easy-to-control niece. Poor Maddalena dies the next year in childbirth and the priest has to change his plot.
The priest tries to drive Fabio mad by having a female henchman don a Yellow Mask and pretend to be the ghost of Maddalena. Fabio's only hope is his beloved Nanina. Can she save him?
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