Thirteenth Chair

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Your best friend has been murdered, stabbed in the back, and the police haven't been able to solve the case. You have consulted with the best detective in the area. You have asked friends and neighbors about the crime. You have even offered a very generous reward, without result. How far would you go for to solve the murder of the chap who saved your life? Would you lock yourself in a dark room with your friends for a seance while sitting in the thirteenth chair knowing that one of them is probably the murderer? - (Summary by David O)Cast:
Alicia Crosby: Bev J Stevens
Roscoe Crosby: Mike Harris
William Crosby: K. Adrian Stroet
Inspector Donohue: ToddHW
Doolan: David Purdy
Sergeant Dunn: Availle
Mary Eastwood: SamW
Elizabeth Erskine: Lydia
Rosalie La Grange: Kristin Gjerløw
Philip Mason: John Burlinson
Helen O'Neill: Beth Thomas
Pollock: Dillon McFarlane
Grace Standish: Sonia
Howard Standish: Algy Pug
Braddish Trent: Charlotte Duckett
Helen Trent: Amy Gramour
Edward Wales: David Olson
Narrated by: Jennifer Fournier
NOTE: The online text includes plans for stage set up, stage blocking, lighting directions and makeup instructions most of which are not included in the audio recording.
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