Thirty Nine Steps

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Richard Hannay, Buchan's hero in this 1915 thriller, stumbles across a terrorist plot to destabilize Europe. A British spy in the mold of James Bond, Hannay is an action man with a polished veneer. After a series of murders, Hannay takes up the cause when he has to go on the run. A thrilling series of events come to an exciting conclusion.
Table of Contents
Chapter 01: The Man who Died
Chapter 02: The Milkman Sets Out on his Travels
Chapter 03: The Adventure of the Literary Innkeeper
Chapter 04: The Adventure of the Radical Candidate
Chapter 05: The Adventure of the Spectacled Roadman
Chapter 06: The Adventure of the Bald Archaeologist
Chapter 07: The Dry-Fly Fisherman
Chapter 08: The Coming of the Black Stone
Chapter 09: The Thirty-Nine Steps
Chapter 10: Various Parties Converging on the Sea
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