This Country of Ours - Part 6 - Stories of the Struggle for Liberty

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This series, in seven parts, tells the story of America from the earliest founding through the days of Woodrow Wilson the Great War (World War I). Part 6 continues the series with the stories of the struggle for liberty:
1. The Boston Tea-Party
2. Paul Revere's Ride - The Unsheathing of the Sword
3. The First Thrust-The Battle of Bunker Hill
4. The War in Canada
5. The Birth of a Great Nation
6. The Darkest Hour - Trenton and Princeton
7. Burgoyne's Campaign - Bennington and Oriskany
8. Burgoyne's Campaign - Bemis Heights and Saratoga
9. Brandywine- Germantown - Vally Forge
10. War on the Sea
11. The Battle of Monmouth - The Story of Captain Molly
12. The Story of a Great Crime
13. A Turning Point in the World's History
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