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Lara Ivory is a movie star -- an incandescent beauty with cat-like green eyes,
full luscious lips and honey blond hair. Lara has been at the top of her
profession for eight years and everybody loves her. But at thirty-two she
cannot find a man who can handle being with such an exquisite object of
Her ex-husband, Richard Barry, an extremely successful veteran film director,
is currently married to Nikki, a feisty brunette clothes designer on movies.
Nikki is a strong woman who tries her best to keep Richard under control --
something Lara couldn't manage. But Richard is not as pliable as Nikki
When Thrill! opens, the three of them are great friends, shooting a
movie in the South of France.
Every man desires Lara, but because of her insecurities she feels they only
want her for her beauty and fame. Lara is searching for something more.
Nikki can't wait to get her hooked up with a guy, because she suspects Richard
still harbors an unhealthy crush on his ex-wife -- a crush bordering on obsession.
After the South of France location is over, Lara goes straight to the Hamptons to
shoot her next movie -- The Dreamer, while
Richard and Nikki return to L.A. and their Malibu house. Richard starts post
production, and Nikki awaits the arrival of her fifteen year old daughter,
Summer, who is due to visit from Chicago. Nikki gave birth to Summer when she
was sixteen and married to Sheldon Weston -- an older psychiatrist who got
custody of their only daughter because Summer chose to stay with him when they
Joey Lorenzo is a street-smart, unbelievably handsome, small time actor with a
shady past. At thirty, he's been around and then some. He had a couple of
meaningful breaks in movies while he was living with New York agent, Madelaine
Francis, a woman twenty years older than him --but that was six years ago --
before he vanished with seven thousand dollars of Madelaine's money. She
hasn't heard from him since.
At the beginning of Thrill! Joey returns from New York, apolog
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