Trip to Paradise

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The inconceivable has happened. America has been ravaged by nuclear war. James Wolfe, hid out in an abandoned mine. Wolfe emerges to a world he hardly recognizes. He too has changed. Barely thirty, his hair is now snow white, his eyes are unable to handle bright light, but his night vision is as good as others' day vision. But the most mysterious changes, are his ability to detect and avoid metal emitting radiation, and his incredible strength. While his strange new abilities have saved him numerous times on his trek south to find his wife and child, they have also gained him notoriety of a sort he would rather not have. He is a wanted man, with a price on his head. In an effort to avoid the corrupt men searching for him, he travels at night far off the road where he comes upon the town of Paradise. At first Paradise seems to have a close resemblance to its name, even its leader bears the looks of a red haired angel...but all is not what it seems, and the radiant beauty never lets anyone leave....alive.
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