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This day has been absolutely perfect for 16-year-old Sophie Olivette. She got an A+ on her first speech ever, whipped the history exam, and played awesome field hockey. She can hardly wait to tell Dad. But after school, he has an announcement of his own: he has found a new true love and is divorcing Mother.
Suddenly Sophie feels like she is the only grown-up in the house. Dad’s girlfriend is a younger woman—in fact, she is Sophie’s older sister’s roommate at college. And Mother is too busy seeking her “Inner Self” to work on her failing marriage. Sophie’s life becomes an endless soap opera with one heartbreaking episode after another, and she can’t change channels. Award-winning author Caroline B. Cooney captivates young adults with her absorbing novels including The Face on the Milk Carton and Whatever Happened to Janie? Narrator Christina Moore underscores Sophie’s outrage and hope as she struggles to rewrite her family’s story to end “happily ever after.”
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