Two Worlds, One Prophecy

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Gently she pulled back the sleeve, looking for what had caused her pain. She didn't remember cutting her arm yesterday. And then, there it was, a deep cut on her forearm that was still oozing blood? She quickly turned around, half expecting to see the man from the dream standing behind her; waiting to throw her into the mass of screaming people. Her heart was beating wildly again, and her breathing was heavy.
It was a dream! A dream! You don't have cuts on your arm when you wake from dreams, because everything that happens is not real!
Or was it a dream? After Hadassah has multiple altercations with the frightening man of her dream, she is confronted by a mysterious stranger who tells her that the threatening man from her dream is real, and very dangerous. Hadassah is then thrown into the midst of an epic battle for nothing less than all the souls of the world-and she might be the one on which the fate of the world hinges.
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