US Counterinsurgency Methods and The Global War on Terror - An Assessment: Tactical Success and Strategic Blunder

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Drawing on a long and distinguished career in the military and as a Department of Defense contractor in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, author Terry Tucker presents a look inside the Afghan Theatre in US Counterinsurgency Methods and The Global War on Terror, An Assessment: Tactical Success and Strategic Blunder. Was America's military ready to accept the challenge of asymmetrical warfare in September 2001? How does one conduct decisive operations in a counterinsurgency? What is the degree of separation between a counterinsurgency and stability operations? Five years into a conflict of global proportions, albeit in some cases subtle and unseen, the debate continues to rage over correct tactics, techniques, and procedures. The importance of land warfare is growing and will continue to grow as we face the future uncertainties of the Global War on Terror, and the future of warfare and urban warfare. Despite the American military's superiority in technology, training, and equipment, and despite the appearance of early brilliant success, US Armed Forces have been challenged in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Using historical illustrations coupled with contemporary events and his experience, Tucker provides readers with a concise understanding of the importance of this new-old warfare, and the applications and consequences that accompany the intricate blend of art and science that composes insurgency and counterinsurgency warfare.
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