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Knowing the US Presidents and their terms in office, coupled with the sequence of serving in office, is immensely helpful as a framework to study and be informed about American history. After a brief introduction, track 1 lists the US Presidents and lets you match them up by term in office; the narrator says the US President's name and pauses a few seconds for you to say the term of office. Track 2 does the reverse by letting you test yourself on the term in office and then to name the President for that term. Track 3 names the Presidents and lets you say the Vice President or Vice Presidents that served under them. The next section provides a series of tracks that covers the 9 groupings of Presidents with brief details about each one: Founding Fathers; Westerner and Maintainers; Civil War and Aftermath; Gilded Age; Return to Greatness; the Under-rateds; America Joins the World; Return of the Optimists; and the Skeptic. Perfect for students, people interested in history and geography, and listeners in general interested in becoming better informed. Keywords: Test preparation; history; Presidents; Vice Presidents
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