Uncanny Short Stories

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A spine-chilling collection of creepy, unsettling and unnerving stories.
'If You See Her Face' by B. M. Croker
'The Ghost at the Blue Dragon' by William J. Wintle
'The Shadows' by Henry S. Whitehead
'The Grey Cat' by Barry Pain
'The Yellow Globe' by Alexander W. Drake
'The Devil of the Marsh' by H. B. Marriott-Watson
'The Spectre Spiders' by William J. Wintle
'The Curious Vehicle' by Alexander W. Drake
'Number Ninety' by B. M. Croker
'The Black Cat' by William J. Wintle
'The Permanent Stiletto' by W. C. Morrow
'Passing of a God' by Henry S. Whitehead
'The Chamber of Doom' by William J. Wintle
'The White Cat' by Hugh Walpole
'The Loosened Cord' by Alexander W. Drake
'Mrs. Brassington-Claypott's Children's Party' by F. Anstey
'The Inmate of the Dungeon' by W. C. Morrow
'The Red Rosary' by William J. Wintle
'Caveat Emptor' by F. Anstey
'The Former Passengers' by B. M. Croker
And over 20 more unsettling tales.
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