Uncle Tom's Cabin-Young Folks Edition

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Painstakingly based upon the classic 1852 novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe re-tells the story to allow young readers a glimpse into the darker side of American History.
Uncle Tom's Cabin was the best selling novel of the 1800s and had an enormous influence in gallvanizing public opinion against slavery. Uncle Tom's Cabin is the story of two slaves who's master must sell them to settle his debts. Uncle Tom is sold "down the river", away from his wife and children, Eliza decides to escape. Uncle Tom has a great faith in God and is a righteous man, but is sorely tested when he is sold to a sadist owner named Simon Legree.
Does Eliza make it to Canada? Will Uncle Tom survive Simon Legree's villany? Uncle Tom's Cabin will keep you riveted to the end.
Table of Contents
Chapter 01. Uncle Tom and Little Harry are Sold
Chapter 02. Eliza Runs Away with Little Harry
Chapter 03. The Morning After
Chapter 04. The Chase
Chapter 05. Eliza Finds a Refuge
Chapter 06. Uncle Tom Says Good-bye
Chapter 07. Uncle Tom Meets Eva
Chapter 08. Eliza Among the Quakers
Chapter 09. Uncle Tom's New Home
Chapter 10. Uncle Tom's Letter
Chapter 11. (There is no Chapter 11)
Chapter 12. George Fights for Freedom
Chapter 13. Aunt Dinah
Chapter 14. Topsy
Chapter 15. Eva and Topsy
Chapter 16. Eva's Last Good-bye
Chapter 17. Uncle Tom's New Master
Chapter 18. George and Eliza Find Freedom
Chapter 19. Uncle Tom Finds Freedom
Chapter 20. George Shelby Frees His Slaves
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