Upsize Your Word Power

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Now from Peter Funk, the Reader's Digest word columnist and the bestselling author of Word Power, comesUpsize Your Word Power, teaching you the fastest and easiest way to expand your vocabulary: the use of synonyms.
Synonyms are a sound and often overlooked way to build vocabulary. With synonyms, you can express almost any shade of feeling or describe almost anything in minute detail. In Upsize Your Word Power, Peter and Mary Funk will examine the use of synonyms and help you to:
-broaden your vocabulary
-better your use of the English language
-learn to use precise and attention-getting meaning-related words
-practice using target words in commonly experienced situations
Through the powerful and underutilized vocabulary tool of synonyms, you too can Upsize Your Word Power.
Included inside the Audio package is a pocket synonym guide to use for quick reference
1 cassette / 60 minutes
Read by Peter Funk

Word Power is also available on Audio from Random House AudioBooks.

From the Cassette edition.
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