Valiant Hope

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Can Chris forgive the unforgivable?
If not, is she willing to pay the cost? A cost that may be more than she ever imagined . . .

There's nothing Chris McIntyre hates more than child abuse. And now one of the children at Kimberley Square's new gymnasium is showing the signs---signs Chris knows all too well. With no evidence to take to the police, the tough-as-nails former soldier knows it's time to take matters into her own hands.

But her anger at the abuser goes deeper than defending an innocent child. Memories haunt Chris---memories of her own childhood and her own father. As these memories locked inside her well up into a rage that threatens to consume her, she finds it impossible to forgive. But how can she continue as a Christian while harboring hatred in her heart?

One remarkable man may hold the answers to help Chris sort through the agonizing secrets of her past. To help her find a road to peace. But the route threatens to take her to a place she thought she'd never again have to go---a place she swore she'd die before ever seeing again.
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