Visions in the Night - Dreams from God to Instruct, Encourage, Guide, and Bless

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We hear every day of supernatural manifestations. God is speaking to His people! Are we listening? Visions in the Night reveals a unique glimpse at how our loving God speaks to us through dreams and visions to teach, encourage, and bless. Author Ruth Mayfield shares dreams she received from God over thirty-five yearsalong with scripturally sound interpretations, which accompany each dream. From apparent nightmares to visions of heaven, the reader is taken on journey showing Ruths progressive maturity in the Lord. Gods love, grace, and mercy shine through these pages. Transparency and unwavering faith enable her to pass on to the reader her passionate desire to know God in more intimate ways. The godly wisdom shared will bless you with insight of your own and cause greater awareness in you that our Heavenly Father is speaking to you, everyday, perhaps inVisions in the Night.
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