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Discover Robert Stanek's Bugville Critters today through this wonderful audiobook. Robert Stanek is the highly-acclaimed author of more than fifty books for young people and adults, including "Journey Beyond the Beyond" and "The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches." Robert Stanek's Bugville is home to Bees, Ladybugs, Caterpillars, Beetles, and many other special critters. It's where you'll meet Buster Bee and all his friends. The Bugville Critters stories address all the major issues of growing up and are designed to appeal to the ever-growing interests of children three to eight years old. These refreshing stories combine facts about our natural world with fictional stories that instruct and entertain. About the Book: In this story, Buster Bee and his friend, Sarah Silkworm, visit Garden Box Farms. Sarah and Buster are working on a school project about farming. At the farm they learn about growing fruits and vegetables.
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