Visiting Angels

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Angels have captured the imagination of human beings for eons. And the imagination is a great place to begin, because that's our bridge to the intuition. That's why guided imagery works so beautifully to tap into the world of angels, all around us. In this inner journey, you're led step by step into a beautiful spiritual landscape, where you can meet and spend time with an angel, and discover for yourself. They're waiting...
"Imagine you're walking up a wide flight of stairs, toward a higher level of awareness..." - from the Journey.
Max Highstein says, "Angels are all around us, but for most of us it takes a shift in awareness to be able to see, hear, or feel them. I created Visiting Angels to help people who really want to have an experience of angels, and are open to the unexpected. If you choose to take this inner journey, please let me know what happens!"
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