Visiting Saint Francis

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If you've ever felt an inner connection with Francis of Assisi, or would like to experience one, this guided inner journey can help awaken that connection within you. Take a walk with Francis through a meadow by a mountain stream, pray with him, and receive his blessing of love. A relaxing and peaceful meditation that will leave you feeling touched with grace.
From The Journey:
"As he draws nearer, you feel your spirit lighten, and your heart open. And now, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, you feel Francis’s hand resting gently on your shoulder, as you walk together along the path...
"Francis has the touch of an older, wiser, and most compassionate brother. Of someone who’s experienced tremendous joy, profound sadness, and most of all, a deep and constant bond of love with God. And by his hand upon your shoulder, you know that he’s here to share that bond of love with you. Turn and face Francis, and allow his presence to fill you."
Max Highstein Says:
"Few people in history have had the positive impact that Saint Francis of Assisi has. Even though he lived 800 years ago, I believe Francis' spirit and his love remain very much alive and accessible to us. As with many great saints, archangels, and other spiritual figures, his support can be experienced by those who reach out for it. In this meditation I wanted to celebrate Francis, and help make the experience of his love easy to tap into. I hope you'll gain much from it, and let me know what you think."
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