W Is for Wapiti! - An Alphabet Songbook

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Learning the alphabet is bound to be fun with these 24 simply worded songs that take children on a wild musical odyssey through the letters A to Z. Zany, hilarious characters—from a friendly ghost who delivers fruit-filled flans on a bicycle and a twisted turtle who feels a tad bare under her shell to John the Pigeon, a four-legged bird who loves to tap to the beat—come to life through expressive watercolor illustrations that highlight each catchy lyric. The accompanying audio features a fusion of rock, pop, world, and folk music performed exquisitely by seasoned singers and talented musicians who incorporate a wide array of instruments, among them the xylophone, the glockenspiel, and the pedal steel guitar, into the tunes. Children are sure to clap their hands and join in on the theme song, "Sing It Again," at the end.
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