WOMANKIND: Connection and Wisdom Around the World

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Crouch over an open fire near the Guatemalan border while Cecelia teaches the significance of making the small tortilla. Sit under a cashew tree in Belize on a quiet rainforest afternoon and answer the young Mayan mothers' question: 'How can we make no more babies come?' Hold Ermine in your arms in a courtyard amid the children and the chickens and weep with her as she shares her poignant story of war. Careen down a rut-filled, twisting mountain road in the Kosovo countryside, racing for the hospital. Will you make it before Hamide's baby delivers? In a colorful tapestry woven with culture and experience, author Nancy Leigh Harless invites readers along on her real-life journey in Womankind. In her collection of inspiring, sometimes heart-wrenching experiences, readers will encounter and learn from the many different women of Nancy's travels. Live, laugh, and love with women around the world as you join the sisterhood of Womankind.
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