WWIII - You Could See It Coming

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World War II ended with the explosion of two nuclear bombs, together killing over 300,000 people. Today, the world has over 28,000 nuclear bombs-far more than needed to destroy the world. These weapons of mass destruction are not all sitting safely in the hands of friendly nations. World War III has begun, and the public is barely aware of the horrifying possibilities...
In World War III: The Writing is on the Wall, retired military officer Steve Van de Kamp finds himself thrust into the center of an international crisis. As Steve tries to mend his broken home, World War III breaks out and draws him into a terrifying conflict. When he and his family move to Tel Aviv, an explosion rocks the most famous landmark on earth. Steve is taken captive as bedlam ensues in the Middle East and America. Then the biggest financial conspiracy that has fleeced America since 1913 is exposed, but not before it causes war and devastates the economy. Will that stop terrorist nuclear strikes planned in both America and Israel? Each plot twist opens the eyes of America to what its leaders have hidden. How will the world look after World War III? Will extremist Muslims bring about their desired end of the world?
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