Walking with Jesus By the Sea - Seven Meditations

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Walking With Jesus By The Sea helps you know Jesus more deeply within your own heart, as he offers love, wisdom, and support in every guided meditation. Walking with Jesus by the seashore, you'll explore your life together, as he works with you on your challenges, celebrates your triumphs, and helps you uncover new meaning in your life. Through this journey, you'll come to know Jesus more and more, as you feel his presence grow stronger with every listening.
Each guided meditation is beautifully composed with gentle narration, soft background music, and soothing ocean waves. They offer a bridge to the spiritual world, where you can connect deeply with Jesus, and experience deep peace.
There are seven great spiritual principles that resound through all of the world's religions: Love, Faith, Humility, Devotion, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Acceptance. In this program, you'll explore these principles with Jesus, step by step.
This program helps you to:
Discover and/or deepen your relationship with Jesus
Open and expand your spiritual heart
Bring the seven spiritual principles more fully into your life
Wherever you find yourself on your path, this powerfully moving program can help deepen your connection to Jesus, open your inner vision, and expand your heart. Whether you relate to Jesus as a spiritual teacher, great master, or path to God, this course will help you know him, and yourself, more completely than ever before.
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